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About Us - History

i-Net Communications Inc. is a Guyanese owned and operated telecommunications company that began in 1999. Our main goals are to provide high speed, high bandwidth, and high capacity networks, at cost-effective prices. We now provide Internet bandwidth networks, data networks, and Cloud efficient networks in Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, Suriname, and Trinidad


i-Net Communications Inc. viewed the Internet as the superhighway along which all of Guyana can benefit from digital transformation. Our passion was always to bridge the gap between the Internet on the coastline, and Internet at remote locations throughout Guyana. We built the first 10 MBPs internet network across Guyana. We also build the first 6 MBPs internet uplink across Guyana, to allow everyone to fully deploy CLOUD solutions on iCloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, and Microsoft Azure.

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Collaborations to Benefit Rural/ Remote Students

In this period of rapid radical innovative digital transformation, i-Net Communications Inc. heavily supports Online Education. We currently collaborate with Global Technology Inc. to provide remote students with access to Global Technology’s Learning Management System (LMS). The Global Technology LMS includes all CXC subjects, and all relevant technology training needed by remote/ rural students to build a brilliant career in Information Technology. We continue to bridge the gap between access to Online Education for remote/ rural students, and the students in the City Schools. We have also partnered with Global Technology’s Retail Store to ensure our customers have access to the very best electronic devices, the very best mobile devices, and the very best wide-area networking devices.

The Future of i-Net: Building a More Connected Guyana

Satellites are certainly becoming an increasingly critical element to the local and international telecommunications infrastructure especially in remote locations. i-Net Communications is now part of the mix of very complex, hybrid voice and data solutions providing equal access to live education, live health, live security, and live entertainment networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, IG, Google, ZOOM, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon AWS  among others. We enable Guyanese in remote communities to make economic, social, and media transactions at velocities unimaginable one decade ago. We strive to continue supporting the digital transformation of Guyana by equipping the education sector, health departments, military, mining, forestry, and every other industry that functions remotely. We are building a more connected Guyana!

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