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 Global Technology signs Single Window System Multi-Million Contract with Ministry of Housing & Water

By: Oil Now  
” iNet unveils new satellite to boost connectivity offshore Guyana.”

i-Net,  provides a connection for Mining operations with an innovative, portable solution in Guyana.

Providing internet to the best eco-resorts in Guyana

iNet is proving Broadband in isolated Area


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Enabling Empowerment in Amerindian Communities with Telemedicine! 🌍 Embarking on a journey into Guyana’s Amerindian heartlands—the Pakarima Mountains and the Amazon Rain Forest—we’re scripting a healthcare revolution powered by telemedicine. 🌱 By deploying state-of-the-art GEO + LEO satellites and cutting-edge telemedicine tools, we’re reshaping the Amerindian approach to everyday healthcare practices. Our sincere gratitude extends to our partner, 19Labs, and our applause to the Government of Guyana, unwavering champions of community well-being.

Did you know that LEO stands for Low Earth Orbit? Unlike traditional satellites that orbit much higher, LEO satellites are positioned at a much closer distance to Earth, typically between 500 and 2,000 kilometers. 🌐 💫 These LEO satellites offer numerous advantages, including lower latency and faster data transfer speeds. By being closer to Earth, they can provide an improved internet experience for activities like gaming, video streaming, and real-time communication. 🚀💻 🌐
Moreover, LEO satellite constellations can consist of hundreds or even thousands of interconnected satellites, working together to create a grid in the sky, ensuring global coverage and reducing any potential service interruptions. 🌌 🌍 With LEO satellites, the sky’s the limit for internet connectivity, opening up new possibilities for remote areas, disaster response, and bridging the digital divide
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With i-Net, exploring the amazing world of satellite internet. From rural connectivity to emergency services, satellite internet has revolutionized the way we stay connected around the globe. Whether working remotely, streaming movies, or gaming online, satellite internet can provide reliable high-speed connectivity.


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Local driver for digital transformation across remote communities and entire industries using high throughput connectivity via a multi-layered satellite network across 100% of Guyana

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