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Fastest Ever Broadband

Fastest Ever Broadband

With many Guyanese soldiers, mining companies and schools in remote locations in the Amazonian Jungle, a solution was needed in Guyana to enable connectivity between multiple locations. iNet Communications chose Newtec’s broadband satellite technology to provide the Guyanese people with up to 10Mbps for the first time ever. lnterComms talked to iNet’s CEO, George Melville

George Melville, CEO, iNet

Q: With Internet Service Providers (ISPs) looking
at providing faster broadband across their service
areas this is causing both technical and cost issues in deployment to rural communities and areas. This is not
just a problem in developing countries but also those
with large rural communities, how are you helping
address these problems?

A: That’s very true for however small a geographical area
or developed nation; every Telco has a problem with 100% penetration, as discussed earlier in the interview with
ITU-D. Providing services to remote communities isn’t just
a communications solution, it’s a life solution. We will be
talking later about the solutions that Newtec are providing
in Guyana. But by providing VSAT based systems we can provide broadband services virtually anywhere there is a
power source to take the equipment.

       The ability to connect rural communities provides access not only to the Internet, but other business markets for
sale of goods, tele-medicine, tele-education and also allows people to talk to other rural communities, to save time in

travel that can be spent more productively in generating
income and feeding families.

       The benefits of theSat3Play® broadband technology by
Newtec consisting of hubs and terminals really start with
the ease of use which, along with low operational cost and
the fact that it’s a carrier grade platform, means it’s efficient, quickly available and deployed allowing service providers to
cost effectively grow their networks. The fact that it works
with Ka and/or Ku Spot beams means it has huge accessibility.

Q: Could you talk to us about the deployments you have 
completed in Guyana, the achievements in speed but
also the rural communities you have helped and the 
services that are being provided by having high speed 
access so remotely?

A: Well Guyana has been a huge success: in this South 
American country we have produced a new high speed 
broadband service. This enables download speeds of 10 
Mbps at affordable prices using the IP Easy service operated 
through the EUTELSAT 8 West A satellite. With a focus on 
customers with offices in multiple locations where satellite 
connectivity is the only option, we at iNet have already

Fastest Ever Broadband

deployed the satellite broadband connectivity solution for
several key markets including government and defense,
mining, small businesses and residential consumers. The
main work we had to look at was upgrading a previous
broadband infrastructure, Newtec’s cost effective broadband
equipment was selected. This included their VSAT
Broadband Platform (Sat3Play ®) and terminals (MDM2200
IP satellite modems, dishes and interactive LNBs). The key
reason why we have selected Newtec as we discussed
before is that the equipment is simple to install, versatile
and robust, providing an affordable satellite network. The
high bandwidth solution provides the Guyanese people with
services to improve economic sustainability and growth.

       The solution has been so successful that the Guyana
Defence Force has confirmed their order for the iNet
solution to be installed at four of their major remote
locations in the Amazon Jungle. The first installation was
successfully completed at the New River Triangle base, with
the remaining installations due to be completed soon.

       Guyana has a large number of mines in the Amazon
Rainforest and so providing the service to the mining
community was an important priority for the project.
Despite the continent being prone to heavy rainfall, the
satellite service has minimal disruptions and can withstand
heavy rain thanks to Newtec technology.

Q: How do you see the uptake in VSAT technology
increasing and how will Newtec look to lead in this area?

A: With a focus on customers with offices in multiple 
locations where satellite connectivity is the only option, iNet 
has already deployed the IP Easy satellite solution for several 
key markets including government and defense, mining, 
small businesses and residential consumers. With strong

”       To be able to offer all Guyanese
an affordable 10 Mbps connection
over satellite for the first time is

something we are really proud of. We
are now the only telecommunications
provider with this capability and we
are growing the network with several
installations per day. Having an
affordable satellite network that is
simple to install, versatile and robust
isa milestone for Guyana.  “

George Melville, CEO,
iNet Communications Inc.

demand from these key sectors we have been very pleased with the uptake so far and see this continuing. 

      We selected Newtec’s cost effective broadband
equipment to upgrade the previous broadband
infrastructure.Newtec’s equipment is simple toinstall,
versatile and robust, providing an affordable satellite
network. The high bandwidth solution provides the
Guyanese people withservices to improve economic
sustainability and growth

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