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iNet GTI :flag-gy:  Marine Internet Network Intelligently delivers high speed Mbps through an innovative portfolio of new Off Shore technologies. This new delivery mechanism, in which iNet GTI’s partners no longer need to invest and maintain ground/ On-board equipment nor purchase capacity on specific satellites and beams, represents a fundamental shift in the way iNet GTI will allow all Offshore vessels to readily access our available Mbps over the Guyana Oil and Gas Basin.  These satellite beams are localized to Guyana O&G, as such, the High Throughput Internet links will achieve better performance and economics. The main building blocks of iNet GTI Marine are the following:
  • Global Ku-band footprint, With the relevant Sat beams localized to Guyana’s O&G Basin
  • The latest HUB Technologies
  • Terrestrial backbone with redundant fibre
  • Flexible/ economic Internet plans to allow each Off Shore Vessel to upgrade Mbps as required
  • Local Installation, Local Maintenance, Local support 24/7/365
  • Local Preventative maintenance every 3 months
  • Local spares and accessories for immediate replacement on all Off Shore Vessels
  • Business Portal & APIs

Why Use Our Marine Satellites?

In the middle of sea, under various tough sea condition the most important factor or lifeline is high quality communication equipment with reliable connection, stable tracking and fast network performance. 

Our VSAT Technology allows users to push and pull heavy amounts of data through a high speed internet connection. Situations requiring a robust, always on data link should consider VSAT as a solution.

Additionally, the iNet Marine Satellite  offers both terrestrial and offshore connectivity based on the location of your vessel. You will stay connected wherever you are.

Our Product

The iNet Maritime Satellite is the perfect solution for ships looking for broadband speeds at sea. Stay in touch with your networks via high speed access to the internet, email, multiple VoIP phones and more.

With features including easy maintenance, web interface control, graphic interface control and Wi-Fi support you are sure to receive a stress free experience. 

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