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Intercourse Questionaire. Exactly how much have you any ä°dea? Do the Quiz |

Gender Questionaire. Simply how much do you know? Make test |

Intercourse Questionaire. Exactly how much are you aware of? Make Quiz

Questions for any struggle of sexes

Male Concerns:

1. Which of is the most usual approach to birth-control in Canada

A) the tablet

B) the condom

C) sterilization also referred to as the snip

2. what’s the # 1 most commonly known feminine intimate issue

A) Low libido, or “not this thirty days honey I got a headache

B) problems attaining climax or “are you accomplished but?”

C) Sexual pain or get that thing away from myself!

3. According the Durex gender Survey a majority of Canadian ladies prefered having sex in

A) The shower

B) The sleep

C) The Best outdoors

Female Questions:

1. what’s the typical penis size in Canada , would it be

A) 5 inches

B) 6 ins

C) 7 inches

2. What is the most typical male sexual problem would it be:

A) erection dilemmas or in which’s the Viagra?

B) early ejaculation otherwise known as the 1 moment guy

C) Or moody hormonal imbalances

3. According to the Durex gender research, the majority of Canadian males have sex

A) between 7 and 8 in the morning

B) between 10:30 and 11 PM

C) Saturday night after 8 PM between times of hockey night in Canada

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