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Global Technology Group

At the Global Technology Group, we pride ourselves on being more than just a collection of companies – we’re a unified force dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology solutions and services to empower individuals and businesses alike.

Our diverse range of offerings includes our renowned training school, enterprise-level IT solutions, internet services across the country, and a premier tech store featuring Apple products and accessories, making us a one-stop destination for all tech needs.

Global Technology Inc.

Global Technology Inc. is a computer training institution offering a wide array of educational programs and certifications. Its mission is to empower the Guyanese community by providing top-quality tuition and advanced computer services. Since its inception in 1998, Global Technology has grown into the nation’s largest private technology training center, catering to diverse learning needs.

The institution offers foundational courses covering essential computer skills, including internet usage, email handling, and Microsoft 365 suite proficiency. Beyond the basics, students can pursue advanced training in desktop publishing, media production, web design, and programming languages such as Java, C, Python, and SQL. Specialized certifications are available in Autodesk, CompTIA, and Microsoft Azure, targeting roles in IT security, network administration, and professional design. Global Technology’s comprehensive curriculum ensures that students are well-equipped to excel in various tech-driven careers, making it an indispensable resource for those seeking to thrive in Guyana’s technology sector.

To keep pace with the rapidly evolving tech industry, Global Technology is introducing courses to teach students about artificial intelligence. Learning about AI equips students with the skills needed to harness emerging technologies.

iNet Communications Inc.

At iNet, our main goals are to provide high-speed, high-bandwidth, and high-capacity networks at cost-effective prices. We now provide internet bandwidth networks, data networks, and cloud-efficient networks around the world.

iNet Communications Inc. viewed the internet as the superhighway along which all of Guyana can benefit from digital transformation. Our passion has always been to bridge the gap between the internet on the coastline and the internet at remote locations throughout Guyana. We built the first 10 Mbps internet network across Guyana and the first 6 Mbps internet uplink across the country.

iNet provides a hybrid satellite solution, utilizing both GEO (Geostationary) and LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites. This approach ensures reliable and resilient internet connectivity, overcoming geographical challenges. The GEO satellites offer consistent coverage for extended periods, while LEO satellites provide faster data transmission and low-latency connections. This combination allows us to deliver comprehensive internet access to even the most remote locations, furthering our mission of digital inclusion across Guyana.

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