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Broadband in isolated Area

Historically, eco-resorts across Guyana have lacked access to broadband internet connectivity for their guests and staff. Only satellite could enable the connection of these remote locations to the rest of the world through the internet. This is their story of success.

Due to the lack of internet connection in the remote parts of Guyana, i-Net communications in partnership with Eutelsat works to bring broadband to these isolated areas with the use of satellite networking in their mission to make Guyana a more connected country with broadband.

With the use of Eutelsat’s satellites, i-Net found the solution that could offer the connectivity to the most remote and harsh environments while maintaining reliability and scalability of a premium connection. The Eutelsat’s prime 65o West location was situated to deliver communication to reach these pristine locations. I-Net took on the project and began to work towards enabling connectivity to the eight separate, remote eco-lodges.


The installation consists of small receiving dishes with wireless routers that covers a reach of 13km. With Eutelsat’s solution and support, the installation time for the equipment and connection was shortened. The issue of lacking connectivity in these resorts for years had been resolved within a single hour with each installation.

The most utilized packages among the destinations are 10Mbps Platinum package with 30GB of data, the 6Mbps Diamond package and the 4Mbps Gold packages with 12GB of data.

The 10Mbps download speed allows video and voice calls, complete interaction on Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and Instagram. It enables residents to upload their videos to YouTube, iCloud, Google Drive and share their immersive experience in real-time on these social media platforms. They can also use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex, among other collaboration tools, to connect to their office while enjoying their vacation. 

George Melville, Managing Director of i-Net Communications, is delighted that his company can contribute to Guyana’s cultural and economic development: “Eutelsat’s satellite solutions have allowed us to provide world-class internet connectivity to these exceptional eco-resorts,” says Mr Melville. “It has given us and these resorts connectivity opportunities that were simply not possible with terrestrial networks.”


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