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Welcome to i-Net Communications Inc.

Guyana's Fastest Internet Network


i-Net Communications Inc. viewed the Internet as the superhighway along which all of Guyana can benefit from digital transformation. Our passion was always to bridge the gap between the Internet on the coastline, and Internet at remote locations throughout Guyana. We built the first 10 MBPs internet network across Guyana. We also build the first 6 MBPs internet uplink across Guyana, to allow everyone to fully deploy CLOUD solutions on iCloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, and Microsoft Azure.

About Us - History

i-Net Communications Inc. is a Guyanese owned and operated telecommunications company that began in 1999. Our main goals are to provide high speed, high bandwidth, and high capacity networks, at cost-effective prices. We now provide Internet bandwidth networks, data networks, and Cloud efficient networks around the world.

Local driver for digital transformation across remote communities and entire industries using high throughput connectivity via a multi-layered satellite network across 100% of Guyana

Global Coverage

We at iNet Communications Inc offer high-performance internet across the entire globe!

Why Choose iNet Communications Inc?

Global Reach

Our Network is built to target any location across the globe, you tell us where and we come to you.

High Performance

We at iNet communcations offer the fastest internet service to meet your needs.

Timely Maintenance

Our technicians are readily available to provide you with prompt maintenance visits.

Flexible Payment Plans

We offer flexible start-up payment plans to get you connected in the shortest time.

GEO + LEO + Managed Solution

Experience high speeds and low latency

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